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Grooming Info

Christina, Kaylyn and Team Wags are hoping that everyone is safe and healthy during this difficult time.

We know all your pups are in desperate need of grooming and we will do our very best to get to each of them as soon as we can. Initially Christina will be working alone but when permissible we will be adding a bath & blow-dryer assistant to help her for several weeks so that she can focus on the grooms (similar to what we do around Christmas time). This will allow us the opportunity to get more dogs groomed in a shorter period of time.   Christina and her assistant will not be in the same room together to ensure social distancing protocols are met.

We will start booking appointments once we have the go-ahead from the government. Please check our website regularly as we have added this COVID-19 information menu with updates on each of our services. We will regularly direct you to this area for “new safety protocols” which we will have in place to protect you, your dog, and Team Wags.

  • For the safety of Team Wags you will need to confirm that when you bring your dog in for grooming you have not had COVID-19 in the past 14 days nor been with anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
  • If our any of our team contracts COVID-19 we will be forced to close for 2 weeks and our team put into self-quarantine.

If you have questions or concerns please direct them to Kaylyn at or call the daycare at 905-836-9247 once we re-open. Thank you to everyone for all your support! We appreciate your patience and understanding as we travel through the phases of this pandemic in a safe manner!! 🐾❤️

New Grooming Protocols:

  • Please ensure that Christina has your dog’s current Rabies vaccine status before coming to your appointment.  You can check with us when we call to book your appointment to see if we have up to date information.   If you have recently had your dog vaccinated you can email us a copy of the certificate to   You may need to call your veterinarian for this information.  If we do not have your rabies vaccine information before your appointment, we apologize but your dog will be turned away.
  • Entrance for “Grooming only” will be through the front door of our facility.
  • You must be wearing YOUR OWN MASK to enter the building even to drop off your dog.  If you are not wearing a mask you will not be permitted to enter.
  • Please READ ALL SIGNS that are posted for everyone’s safety!
  • We will be providing “contact-less” drop off and pick up.
  • When you arrive for your scheduled appointment call the daycare at 905-836-9247 and ask to speak to Christina.  She will go over our new safety protocols and you can then go over how you would like your dog groomed.
  • Please do not get out of your vehicle if another owner and their dog are outside.  Christina will advise you when it is safe to enter.
  • When you are off the phone, she will unlock the front door (wearing a mask) and step back allowing a safe distance for you to bring in your dog.
  • Please place your dog in the XL crate provided (it is thoroughly disinfected in between each dog) and remove his/her leash and collar.   Close the crate and leave the building with your dog’s collar and leash.   
  • We kindly ask that you toilet your dog on the grassy pad out front (ensuring that you pick up any excrement) before bringing him/her into the building.
  • Once you have left the building Christina will lock the front door and will use a slip leash to bring your dog to grooming for their “make over”.
  • Kaylyn will call you once your dog is almost ready for pick up to arrange payment.  We are only accepting e-transfers and Visa and M/C over the phone for all services at this time.  Thank you for your understanding!
  • Please arrange to pick up your dog immediately as Christina cannot bring in another dog until yours has left.   We are sorry but there cannot be any exceptions at this time!
  • When you arrive to pick up please call from your car and let us know you have arrived.  The front door will be unlocked once your dog in safely in the crate.
  • Please enter with YOUR MASK ON and safely remove your dog from the crate putting on his/her collar and leash before leaving.  If you feel safer locking the door behind you while you do this please do so.
  • Note: the crate is FULLY disinfected each and every time a dog goes into the crate and all “touch” surfaces are disinfected in between each and every client.
  • Note: Our grooming room and equipment are FULLY disinfected in between each dog.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this time!!