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Team Wags are hoping that everyone is safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.  As you may know I am a stickler for protocols and want to be sure we do everything we can to ensure your safety and that of the team.  I apologize in advance as this is lengthy to read but I feel its very important right now.

I may re-direct you to this area from time to time if “new safety protocols” change throughout this pandemic to protect you, your dog, and Team Wags.

  • For the safety of Team Wags we will be asking you regularly to confirm that you have not had COVID-19 in the past 14 days nor been with anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
  • Each team member has their temperature taken each day when they arrive at Wag Awhile. They are not permitted to work if they have any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Our team is equipped with proper PPE and will be wearing masks if they must be within 2 meters of their colleagues and at all times around our clients.

If you have questions or concerns please direct them to Kaylyn at or call the daycare at 905-836-9247. Thank you to everyone for all your support! We appreciate your patience and understanding as we travel through the phases of this pandemic in a safe manner!! 🐾❤️

New Daycare Protocols:

  • We kindly ask that you ensure that we have your dog’s current vaccine status before coming to daycare. You can check with Kaylyn or any Team Wags Staff when you call or email to book your dogs’ daycare appointment to see if we have all up to date information.   If you have recently had your dog vaccinated please email us a copy of the certificate to   You may need to call your veterinarian for this information.
  • If we do not have up to date vaccine information before your appointment, we apologize but your dog will be turned away until it is all up to date. I am happy to take calls or emails if you are unsure of your dogs’ vaccine/fecal status so that you can contact your veterinarian if need be.  Thank you for your understanding!
  • Daycare/boarding dogs MUST be on flea prevention from June to November each year. We greatly appreciate your time taken to do this!  No one wants fleas – we all have too many other things to worry about during these times.
  • Owners of our daycare dogs will be required to call and pre-book all daycare days and if they are not coming to advise us as soon as possible as staffing will be brought back gradually based on daycare dog numbers. As you know we keep tight dog to staff ratios that are monitored throughout the day.    If you still want your previously “set daycare schedule” please ensure you go over that with a Team member when you call or email to book your dog’s return.  Thank you for taking the time to verify this with us!
  • There is no penalty for having to cancel a daycare spot – just providing us the courtesy is appreciated. We hope that if you are cancelling it is not for illness (esp. COVID-19)!
  • Drop-ins will not be accepted.
  • For everyone’s safety we will be providing “contact-less” drop off and pick up.
  • Each client will be reminded over the phone about our new protocols but please read all new signage.
  • Entrance for daycare in and outs will be through the back gate of the outdoor play area from 7-9am and 4-6:30pm. All other times are through the front door as usual.  PLEASE CALL UPON ARRIVAL AND DO NOT ENTER WITHOUT PERMISSION FOR UTMOST SAFETY.
  • We suggest you arrive a few minutes early if you are rushed in the morning as there will be some delays as each dog is brought in separately under strict protocol.
  • We kindly ask that you take your dog to toilet on the grassy pad out front (ensuring that you pick up any excrement) and place it in the bin provided outside the back fence.
  • Please don’t get out of your vehicle if another owner and their dog are outside.  Social distancing is imperative and a lot tougher when you have a pup that is trying to drag you into the daycare for some fun with their furriends.
  • If you are coming through the back entrance; please enter and close the gate securely behind you. One of our team members will be on the landing in the back-play area to escort your dog into daycare.
  • Only one dog will be allowed in the outdoor play area at drop off and pick up time to ensure safety. If you have two dogs, please bring one in at a time.
  • Please leave any “lunch” or medication for your “pup” in a baggie with their name on it and as soon as you exit and have secured the gate our team member will come and take your dog and their lunch inside to see all their furriends!
  • We will not be taking food bins at this time due to the extra disinfecting. Some clients have left some with us.  We will return them to you (already disinfected) until we are able to take them again.
  • During this time, we ask that you leave us with only your dog and a baggie of food for lunch if desired. No personal doggie belongings should be left as this only requires further disinfecting. Thank you for your understanding!
  • Once you have exited the play area one of the Wags Team will put on another collar (as dogs must all wear collars to play). These collars and slip leads are washed each and every day and not used on other dogs until they are clean.
  • Each dog will be wiped down upon entry and going home. There has been some discussion that dogs exposed to COVID-19 may carry it on their fur.   As we are asking that no one bring in their dog if they have or have been exposed to COVID-19 and we are wiping dogs down upon entry and exit we are doing our best to minimize any possibilities for transfer.
  • Daycare drop off and pick up hours will be during specific times so that we are able to allow the dogs free play outside in the play area without needing to relocate the dogs if an owner was to pick up at a different time.


  • When you arrive to pick up please call from your car and let us know you have arrived.
  • Payment for daycare can be made over the phone by M/C or VISA or you can pay by e-transfer to
  • For those that have their dogs come regularly you may opt for purchasing daycare packages for utmost convenience and cost savings. Please speak to me with any questions you may have.
  • A team member will bring your dog out, taking off the collar that we have used during the day. The collar that was used will be washed so they are all fresh and clean for the next day.  Please place your dog’s collar and leash on your dog before exiting the building or the back gate.
  • Our team members will disinfect both sides of all door handles in between each and every client for your safety.
  • If you have two dogs, we will bring one out and then when he/she is in your car we will bring out your second dog. This is to ensure they are safe and secure and that we do not have any issues with dogs getting out of the play area.
  • ***We kindly ask that you follow our instructions to keep everyone safe and secure*** 

We must all remember that the dogs are happy to arrive and happy to go home.   As such we don’t want any dogs leaving the play area unless they are properly leashed.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail or call the daycare with any questions or concerns you many have.

Team Wags is striving to exceed your expectations for the safety of you, your dog and our team. We look forward to seeing happy faces and wagging tails in the near future!

Stay safe and healthy!

Kaylyn Pellow
RVT, Owner
Wag Awhile Doggie Daycare