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Wellness Centre

Cari's Comfort Care

Our wellness centre suitably named “Cari’s Comfort Care” was designed after Kaylyn’s Standard Poodle. Kaylyn’s love for senior dogs is unwavering which is why caring for senior dogs or dogs with medical conditions is our specialty!

Kaylyn has been a Registered Veterinary Technician for over 20 years and is comfortable giving medications and providing that “extra special care” when you are away or are having trouble giving medications on a short-term basis at home.

Our wellness centre is designed with comfort in mind. Orthopedic beds are found throughout the room for those that need a suitable bed for their joints and some much-needed rest. This area is away from the romp and play that occurs in our large play area. If our senior dogs are up for a little excitement, then they are suitably matched to the play area that is best for them.

Our goal of the wellness centre is to grow over time. The physical and emotional health of all dogs will be our focal point.

Jake Is A Sweet Yorkie With Diabetes.

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