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If you are interested in Doggie Daycare or Boarding, please complete the form below and call for an assessment time with one of our Wag Awhile staff members. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Fields marked with * are required.

We look forward to meeting your canine companion and making Wag Awhile their home away from home.

Signatures for each section will be taken in person, when you come in to Wag Awhile for your initial assessment.

    Application Form

    Owner Information

    Emergency Contact Information

    In case we can't reach you, please provide us with someone who can make decisions on your behalf.

    Your Veterinarian

    Pet Information

    Sex: MaleFemale

    Spayed/Neutered? YesNo

    Upload Image of your Dog (optional)

    Medical Information

    Does your pet have any Allergies? YesNo

    Does your pet have any Medical Conditions? YesNo

    Is your pet on any Medications? YesNo


    Most dogs at daycare are generally fed at home unless they are required to eat several times a day.
    Dogs will be separated during feeding time so that they can enjoy their meal in a calm, relaxed environment.
    For dogs that will be boarding with us or require feeding during daycare hours, please complete the following section of this form. Please note that food is required to be brought in a labelled container.

    Is your dog allowed to receive treats during the day?

    Other Information

    Have you had your dog since puppyhood? YesNo

    Does your dog have any behavioural issues or problems? YesNo

    Does your dog react the same with other dogs on leash vs. off leash? YesNo

    How would you describe your dog's temperament around other Dogs?

    How would you describe your dog's temperament around people?

    Has your dog ever bitten a Person or another dog? YesNo

    Has your dog ever been bitten by another dog? YesNo

    Does your dog have any fears? YesNo

    Does your dog have any past experience with daycare and/or boarding? YesNo

    Wag Awhile Services

    Please indicate which services you are interested in. (You may select more than one.)

    Daycare YesNo

    Boarding YesNo

    Grooming YesNo

    Training YesNo

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    Pet Care Agreement Form

    1. I understand that there are benefits and risks associated with dogs socializing in a cagefree setting and I agree that the benefits outweigh the risks. I accept those risks.

    2. I understand that Wag Awhile is relying on my representation of my pet’s behaviour and medical condition and that my pet is in good health.

    3. I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for any harm my pet causes to another pet while attending Wag Awhile.

    4. I fully understand that dogs naturally play and that my dog may sustain injuries. At Wag Awhile all pets are monitored by our staff however accidents and injuries, etc. may occur despite supervision.

    5. I have provided Wag Awhile with full disclosure in regards to my pet’s behaviour. My pet has not shown aggression towards any pet or person. I agree that if my pet shows any such behaviour that I will advise Wag Awhile immediately.

    6. My pet has had a routine physical examination in the past year and is up to date on the required vaccines for admittance to Wag Awhile, including, DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis,Parvo, Parainfluenza), Rabies and Bordetella (Kennel Cough). Although my pet is vaccinated for Bordetella I understand that my pet may still contract Kennel Cough. I will not hold Wag Awhile responsible if this occurs. I will show proof of my pet's current vaccine status as requested by Wag Awhile from time to time.

    7. My pet has had a negative fecal in the past year. If at any point in time my pet has a positive fecal (positive for intestinal parasites), I will notify Wag Awhile and I will be required to show proof of a negative fecal for my pet before my pet is admitted back to daycare or boarding. I will provide a copy of a current vaccine certificate for my pet which is to be kept on file at Wag Awhile. I acknowledge that these requirements are for the safety and well being of all pets.

    8. During the period of May to November, I agree that I will put my pet on flea prevention. I understand that Wag Awhile will not be responsible if my pet gets fleas.

    9. My puppy (if applicable) will be allowed to attend Wag Awhile providing that my pet has received a second set of vaccines and that the Rabies vaccine will be current by my pet’s 16 week veterinary appointment. I understand that my puppy (if applicable) must have had a negative fecal before attending Wag Awhile. I will provide proof of my pet’s Rabies vaccine and negative fecal as requested by Wag Awhile.

    10. I agree that by 8 months of age my puppy will be spayed/neutered or my pet will not be able to attend daycare until such time that this has occurred. I understand that if my female dog comes into heat earlier she will not be allowed at Wag Awhile until her heat is finished and then the 8 month rule applies.

    11. I agree that by allowing my dog to attend Wag Awhile that neither Wag Awhile nor any of its directors, officers, employees or volunteers will be liable financially or otherwise for injury, illness, death or escape of my pet providing that reasonable care and precautions were taken. I release Wag Awhile and its directors, officers, employees and volunteers from any and all loss, costs, damages or liability that may occur to my pet while my pet is in the care of Wag Awhile.

    12. I agree that if at any point in time my pet is not behaving appropriately with the other pets that it is understood my pet will have some “quiet time” away from the other pets and will be reintroduced once my pet is calmer and well behaved. I agree that if necessary my pet may be leashed to one of the trained staff for closer supervision or sectioned off from the other pets if necessary.

    13. I understand that Wag Awhile, in its sole discretion, may decide whether or not to readmit my pet if my pet is displaying unwanted behaviour. If my pet is displaying“unwanted” behaviour I understand that my pet may be allowed to return once my pet has received some socialization training.

    14. I agree that any behaviour or health issues that arise while my pet is in the care of Wag Awhile will be treated as deemd by Wag Awhile to be in the best interests of my pet. I agree to assume and pay all costs associated with the behaviour or health of my pet while in the care of Wag Awhile. I understand that even if I cannot be reached that my pet will be taken to a veterinary facility for treatment (please complete the Medical Release & Authorization).

    15. I am aware of Wag Awhile’s hours of operation. I agree that if I am late for pick up a late fee will be applied to my invoice automatically.

    16. I agree to allow Wag Awhile to take photos of my pet and possibly use them for advertising or on social media.

    17. I agree to allow the individual named below as my alternate handler to pick up my pet if I am unable to do so. I will advise Wag Awhile by telephone or otherwise who will be picking up my pet and acknowledge that any person other than me may be asked for identification to ensure the safety of mypet.

    1. In the case of an emergency, I authorize you to contact the following individual(s) in the event that Wag Awhile Doggie Daycare is unable to reach me:


    Medical Release Form

    At Wag Awhile Doggie Daycare our mission is to ensure that your pet is safe and happy while in our care. We take this very seriously! We do our best to ensure that all dogs are screened for pre-existing medical conditions that would prohibit them from participating in cage free daycare. All preadmission forms are reviewed carefully and a temperament assessment is conducted prior to allowing pets into our facility.

    However, some things are beyond our control. As such we want to ensure that your pet is assessed quickly by a veterinarian if necessary. We have two conveniently located veterinarians nearby in case this need arises.

    We will contact you (and/or your emergency contact) if any such situation arises, but if your pet needs immediate attention he or she will be taken to a local veterinarian without delay.

    I understand that in the event of a medical emergency as determined by Wag Awhile Doggie Daycare, in its sole discretion, my pet will be taken to a local veterinarian for medical care. I authorize Wag Awhile Doggie Daycare to transport my dog and admit my dog to the nearest veterinary facility that is open and able to take my dog.

    I understand that I am fully responsible for any and all costs and expenses associated with the transportation to and the visit to the veterinarian and I will pay the veterinarian or Wag Awhile Doggie Daycare (as the case may be) for those costs upon pick up of my dog.

    I understand that Wag Awhile Doggie Daycare nor any of its owners, officers, directors, agents, employees or volunteers will not be liable financially or otherwise regarding any incident or medical care of my dog and that Wag Awhile Doggie Daycare is not responsible for any injury or death of any animal on or off of its premises.