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Dog Training

Sean P Kent
Professional Dog Trainer

“I feel that dog training isn’t just about your dog listening to you, being obedient and a good canine citizen. It is also about relationship building and bonding with your dog, training should be a positive experience for both owner and dog.”

Kindergarten Puppy Training

In this class, puppies will learn basic obedience as well as manners needed in order to grow up to be a good canine citizen. This class will also provide owner education on a variety of puppy issues such as socialization, bite inhibition, exercise, and routine.

Puppies will have time to socialize with other puppies and people. This class is geared toward puppies 3- 9 months of age, however, exceptions may be made based on dogs needs.

Graduate Student

This class is for puppies and handlers who have completed a Performance Puppy Class and are training towards a Performance Dog Career or Family Puppy Class graduates who want to further develop obedience skills. Rally & Nosework will be introduced in this class as well as other equipment.

Prerequisite: Kindergarten Puppy Training or equivalent.

Obedience Foundations

This class is geared towards dogs who completed a basic obedience/grad puppy class and would like to further develop and refine obedience skills. This class also is my first step towards a career as a competitive obedience dog.

Intro to Rally

This course is designed for dogs that have the basics and would like to continue to improve obedience skills in a fun and interactive way with their canine partner. The sport of Rally Obedience with introduced and the signs at the Novice level.

Rally Novice/Intermediate

This class has been designed to prepare dogs and handlers for Novice & Intermediate. We will review Novice/Intermediate signs, break them down, and practice courses in preparation for trial at the Novice & Intermediate levels.

Prerequisite: Intro to Rally or equivalent.

Rally Advanced/ Excellent

This class has been designed to prepare dogs and handlers for advanced and excellent. We will review advanced/excellent signs, break them down, and practice courses in preparation for trial at the advanced & excellent level.

Prerequisite: Rally Novice or equivalent.

Intro to Nosework

This class is for dogs that are just starting Nosework, and to introduce dogs and handlers to the sport of Nosework. We will work on odor recognition, learning to read your dog, developing an indicator. This class will prepare dogs and handlers for pre-trial and container work.

Novice Nosework

This class is for dogs that are making the transition from containers to searching other elements i.e. interior, exterior, vehicle. We will work on transferring skills from containers to searches, search patterns, further developing handlers skills in reading your dog and developing a consistent.

Prerequisite: Intro to Nosework or equivalent

Nosework Advanced/Superior

This class is for dogs that are ready for the challenges of advanced and superior level searches. Multiple finds as well as working through distractions will be introduced at this level.

Prerequisite: Novice Nosework or Equivalent

Nosework Masters/Elite

This class is for dogs and handlers that are ready for the challenges of masters and Elite level. Multiple finds, distractions, multiple rooms, and strategy will be explored in this course.

Prerequisite: Nosework Advanced /Superior

Show Handling Class

From the beginner to the experienced, we gear our classes to each dog-person team’s needs. The class format is made up of gaiting, stacking and examinations, coupled with discussions of breeds and breed standards. We will also cover various incidents that may occur in the show ring. We will help you get show ready.