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Extra Services

We also offer a range of extra spa services to help keep your dog fit,
healthy and feeling great.

Grooming Extras

Face Trim Only: $15 +
Brush out: $15 +
De-Matting: $20 +
De-Shedding Treatment: $25 +
Ear Cleaning: $10
Ear Plucking: $10


Thorough brush and PlaqClnz Anti- Plaque + Tartar Spray: $15*
*sign up for the Dental package and every 5th clean is FREE
Teeth De-Scaling (only if possible): $25 +


Nail Trim (not with a groom): $16
Nail Grinding: $19

Anal Glands

Anal Gland expression (with groom): $25
Anal Gland expression (without groom): $35